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Parking Lot Hours of Operation

  • The parking lots will typically open 5 hours prior to the start of an event and will close 2 hours after the conclusion of an event.
  • Ticket holders arriving earlier than 5 hours prior to the scheduled event time will not be permitted to enter the Sports Complex and may be directed to leave the roadways that service the Sports Complex.

General Information:

  • Pre-paid parking permits are not required, nor available for purchase, for non-NFL events.
  • Parking Capacities are subject to change based on the size and type of event.
  • Ticket holders who have tickets in the general seating areas of MetLife Stadium will be directed to park in the parking lots that are closest to their point of entry into the Sports Complex.
  • Circulation between parking lots will not be permitted.
  • Trucks, trailers, buses and other oversized vehicles are not permitted to park in the enclosed parking deck at American Dream.
  • Illegal parking outside the Sports Complex on area roadways, medians, grass malls and vehicle breakdown lanes is prohibited. Violators will be ticketed by local law enforcement and/or towed at the owner's expense.
  • Overnight parking is not permitted on the MetLife Sports Complex.
  • Vehicles are subject to search by NJ State Police which could include a canine unit. Those ticket holders refusing a search of their vehicle will not be permitted to enter the Sports Complex.
  • Limousines/black car services/buses are not permitted to occupy lined parking spaces unless they are single-spaced in size.

Accessible Parking (Guests with Disabilities)

  • Ticket holders with disabilities must have a valid ADA license plate or a valid ADA hang tag to gain access to the Sports Complex. The owner of the vehicle with the valid license plate or hang tag must be in the vehicle. Registrations and IDs will be checked.
  • Accessible parking is available in Lots E, F and G. A valid, state-issued accessible parking license plate or hang tag must be visible on any vehicle parking in these spaces.
  • Traffic and Parking staff will direct ticket holders with disabilities, or having limited mobility, to the designated parking spaces.
  • The dedicated drop-off area for guests with disabilities is located in Lot C, adjacent to the Verizon Gate.

Charter Bus Parking:

  • Charter bus parking is located in Parking Lot L. 

Taxi and Limousine Drop-Off and Pick Up

  • The designated area for all drop offs and pickups is between parking lots D + E. There is curb space along the roadway that provides a safe area for drop-offs and pick-ups.
  • There is no charge to access the drop-off / pick-up area.
  • If a limousine or taxi driver has a pre-paid parking permit the vehicle will be permitted to enter the Sports Complex after paying an additional fee, but will not be permitted to park in striped parking spaces if the vehicle takes up more than one parking space. They will be parked along a curb or in a location that does not block traffic and the driver must remain with the car.

Parking Lot Map

Stadium Parking Map 2022